Gwent Police commended by Inspectorate for tackling hate crime

Gwent Police has been singled out for praise in its approach to tackling Hate Crime in a report published today by HMICFRS.

HMICFRS was commissioned to carry out an inspection of police forces’ understanding of and response to hate crime of all types.

Hate Crime is defined as follows: “Any crime which is motivated by hostility on the grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity can be classed as a hate crime.”

In March 2018, HMICFRS visited Gwent Police to undertake an inspection of its response to sexual orientation hate crime.

The inspection took place over three days and examined the Force’s response to individual hate crime cases, its approach to supporting victims, and the processes it has to identify and record hate crime.

Over the last six years, Gwent Police has committed to increasing the numbers of hate crimes reported by communities and to ensure the best possible service is delivered to victims.

As a result,  it has seen the number of recorded hate crimes rise significantly since 2015 to a number which is more reflective of people’s lived experiences.   Overall,  total recorded hate crime and homophobic hate crime have trebled since 2015.   

The Force also currently has a victim satisfaction rate of around 80% for hate crime.

During the visit by HMICFRS,  Gwent Police demonstrated the enhanced victim services it has established for victims of hate crime – such as dedicated Hate Crime Support Officers and a Cyber CSO who works to deter and raise awareness of issues such as online bullying as well as Cyber-fraud.


Gwent Police Deputy Chief Constable Pam Kelly said,

“It’s pleasing that HMICFRS has recognised the forward-thinking practice which we have established.   Hate crime is an abhorrent, complex offence which can impact and divide communities and heighten fear.  It is completely intolerable in all its guises and we will pursue offenders relentlessly and do all we can to protect victims.   We hope these findings demonstrate that victims can be confident that they will be supported by Gwent Police at every stage.”


Gwent Police encourage anyone who has witnessed or may have been the victim of hate crime to report it by calling 101 or 999.  Alternatively, hate crime can be reported by visiting