Community Support Officers

Community Support Officers (CSOs) inspire confidence on the streets of Gwent and are a vital link in the community.

They strive to make our communities safer and stronger by performing one of the most demanding roles in the modern Police Force.

CSOs can't make arrests and they don’t carry handcuffs or other items carried by Police Officers. They rely on their ability to understand and communicate with some of the most challenging people in some of the most difficult situations.

As a result we're looking for special qualities.

Have you got what it takes?

Put yourself in the shoes of a CSO. Have a think about how you would deal with different situations? What would you say to a group of drunk people causing a nuisance in the street? How would you speak to an elderly couple who have recently been burgled? How would you approach a group of young people on off-road bikes?

CSOs work within neighbourhood policing teams helping to solve local issues by getting out and about in the community, meeting people and offering advice and support to people who live and work in the neighbourhood.

CSOs deal with minor offences and support front-line policing. They do not make arrests, conduct interviews, deal with prisoners or investigate serious crime.

What can you expect?

As a CSO you can expect to:

  • Be on patrol within your community, getting to know residents
  • Support neighbourhood policing teams in solving local problems
  • Make house visits to gather information and offer reassurance following a crime or incident
  • Link in with key people in the community, such as the leaders of local groups and religions
  • Protect crime scenes
  • Collect CCTV evidence
  • Provide crime prevention and personal safety advice
  • Act as professional witnesses, attending court when needed
  • Engage with young people, creating valuable relationships

As you can see, the role of CSOs is hugely important in our communities and vital to Gwent Police.